Icy Strait Point is open to the general public anytime there is a ship in port.

There is no charge to visit Icy Strait Point so come on down and walk on our trails, skip rocks on our beaches, browse through the retail shops and view the historic canning line and museum.  Take a break and sit down in any of our restaurants for a fantastic views of Port Fredrick and Icy Strait.  Please check the cruise ship schedule for our 2011 operational days. Guests not arriving by cruise ship will be able to book tours that depart before the ship arrives by contacting info@icystraitpoint.com. All cruise ship guests are encouraged to book their tours at their cruise lines websites prior to arrival. We allocate all of our departure times and space to the cruise ship that is in port for the day and control all sales until they arrive at Icy Strait Point.  Cruise companies generally close their internet bookings three to seven days before the ships departure date so book early. Booking tickets through the cruise lines at their websites is easy and has many benefits.

  • The best choice of departure times.
  • Tickets are delivered to your cabin when you arrive on the ship (no waiting in line)
  • Staff assisted departure locations and help, often tours meet on the ship in the morning.
  • Tours are guaranteed to make it back to the ship before departure, the ship will wait in the event your tour arrives back late.

Once Cruise ships arrive at Icy Strait Point we sell remaining tour spaces on a first come first served basis.

If you are a part of a large group and would like to arrange special dining arrangements or even want to host a large event like a wedding, please contact us and we can help.


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